Who Wants To Kill You?

You'd better be prepared!

Posted yesterday by Mike
Which Tattoo Should You Get?

Have you ever considered getting a tattoo? This game may give you some ideas!

Posted 2 days ago by Chicken
How Much Time Do You Have Left Until Your Wedding?

Let's find out!

Posted 2 days ago by John
Which Friend Can't Live Without You?

You are important! We'll show you who needs you the most!

Posted 1 weeks ago by big girl
Which Us President Do You Look Like?

Have you ever been told by a stranger that you look familiar? It's probably because you look just like a US president!

Posted 1 weeks ago by Goku
Which Pokemon Are You?

Take a break from Pokémon GO - and find out which Pokemon fits your fighting spirit! Are you an adorable starter or a seasoned death machine? Find out now!

Posted 1 weeks ago by Vito
Who Is Your Slave?

Hello master!

Posted 1 weeks ago by Chicken
Which Friend Is Missing You Right Now?

Posted 6/18/2016 by Chicken
Who Will Kiss You Next?

Let's find out who will have this honor

Posted 6/12/2016 by Chicken
Who Will Chase You Until They Die?

Hey look back you have an admirer who will be chasing you until the end of this life!

Posted 6/10/2016 by blablabla
Which Of Your Friends Is Best At Keeping Secrets?

Your secrets are in a good hand

Posted 6/10/2016 by Suzikiki
Who Has Stolen Your Heart?

You are not the owner of your heart anymore...

Posted 6/10/2016 by Mike
You And Who Will Be Bride And Groom?

Happy wedding together...

Posted 6/8/2016 by Kay
How Will You Look If You Work Out At The Gym?

Do you still have an excuse for not going to the gym? You may think again after seeing this...

Posted 6/8/2016 by Goku
Find Your Twin!

There is one person who looks exactly like you! Let's find out who that is.

Posted 6/6/2016 by Victoria
Which Friend Do You Look Like?

Among your friends there is a special someone who looks just like you!

Posted 6/5/2016 by Mike
What Will Your Child Look Like?

Do you know someone much cuter than you? It can only be your own child! Let's find out how they will look.

Posted 6/4/2016 by Victoria
Find Out What Car You Will Buy

Soon, this car will be yours!

Posted 6/3/2016 by John
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